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The Art of

Daniel Samakow

Original artworks, limited print editions and mono prints on request

Palm Springs Dawn

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Boat Off Hanalei, Kauai

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Palm Springs Atrium

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Off Provincetown

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James and Brandy Being on the Canals

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Walking on Indian Trail

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"In a world inundated with fragmented images and influences racing toward us via every medium, my work takes a divergent path." says Samakow.

“The subjects I paint are from my life1; my neighborhoods, friends, my loves, or places where we’ve traveled. Some images come from walking with our dogs and they’re in a lot of paintings, often showing the world through their eyes. I still have the East coast wonder of California; so palm trees, big California skies, swimming pools and warm afternoons in the garden can almost always get me going. I also have a fascination with light2  in its various forms and this finds its way into what I notice and paint. People talk about the bold colors4 and perspectives3 in my paintings or how some are seen from God’s point of view … maybe this expresses that I feel so much of my life has been a generous gift from above.”

– from the 2001 Venice Art Walk catalog

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